Tuckahoe Plantation Stables
Barn manager at Tuckahoe Plantation Stables for nearly 20 years, Susan Donovan brings to her work a high-level of dedication and commitment. She takes great pride in providing the best possible care for every horse, whether a foal or one ready for retirement. She also maintains a barn at her home for several lucky horses who have reached retirement age. Her early professional work began at Ambassador Animal Hospital, before moving full-time into equine health, welfare and management. Her experience includes a partnership at Walnut Knoll Farm, management at Virginia Equine Clinic at Little Hawk Farm, and, in 1996, she began her long and distinguished tenure at Tuckahoe. Susan finds her joy by providing a caring and safe environment for the horses under her supervision, and at the same time helping horse owners, from novice to seasoned veteran, develop a close relationship with their equine companion. Susan is also a wonderful instructor, particularly effective for those who are returning to horse ownership after time spent in the workplace or raising a family.

​In Susan Donovan, Tuckahoe Plantation Stables has a barn manager who is a remarkable horsewoman and horse owner. She is involved at all levels of barn management, from feeding and handling the horses, to barn, pasture, ring, and trail maintenance. Susan has an excellent rapport with our local vets and farriers, is reliable, and easy to reach at any time of the day.

​Come visit us at Tuckahoe, meet Susan, and see if we might be the best place for you and your equine companion.